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date: 2019-05-25
app: "Black Highlighter"
title: "Live Stream: Happening Now"
title: "Bug Bash: Finishing Other Apps and New Picker Features"
slug: "22"
{% include replay.html video="uUjDGWlQ3nM" %}
## Commits Made
- [Add Carthage step to GitLab CI](
- [Display app icons for other app entries](
- [Fix layout of photo album cells in photo picker](
- [Display app ratings prompt on save](
- [Add drop support for photo picker](
## Tickets Closed
- [List other apps](
- [Display icons for other apps](
- [Style photo picker](
- [Drag into photo picker](
## Tickets Created
- [Drag into photo picker](
## Project Stats
<dt>Sessions Completed</dt>
<dt>Days Since Start</dt>
<dt><a href="✓&state=closed&milestone_title=2.0">Issues Closed</a></dt>
<dt><a href="✓&state=opened&milestone_title=2.0">Issues Open</a></dt>
<dt>Percent Complete</dt>
## Replay
{% include replay.html %}
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