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title: "Press Kit"
# Press Kit
## All you need to know about Kineo.
### Under Construction.
A lot of resources on this page are missing. That's because Kineo is still in development, and things such as app layout may change before release. As such, most graphical content isn't created or uploaded yet.
If you're interested in covering Kineo's release, the best way to be notified when this changes is to [join the beta](/beta). Members of the TestFlight beta will get email updates about the progress of the app, and I'll post there when I fill out this press page.
### Ask Me Anything.
The Kineo developer, Geoff, can be reached at [](
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title: "Privacy Policy"
# Data Privacy
## You share. We don't.
At Cocoatype, we respect the privacy of users, and don't share data with anyone you don't know. For that matter, we prefer to avoid even collecting that data in the first place. Kineo shares as little information as possible to do its job.
### Logging.
If you visit the Kineo website (this website!) using a web browser, either a standalone browser or the one included inside the Kineo app, some metadata about that visit is logged temporarily. This may include: your IP address, some information about the browser making the request (such as OS, browser version, etc.), and the time and date of the request.
I basically never look at these logs, but they’re useful for diagnosing issues, and can be used to watch for trends such as where new users are being referred from. These logs are deleted automatically after two weeks.
### Customer Support.
If you [e-mail me](, I have the contents of that e-mail and the address that it came from. I generally keep these e-mails forever because it helps identify problems that multiple customers have had, and so I can send updates if your issue is addressed. If you’d rather I not keep your e-mails, just let me know, and they’ll be deleted when our conversation is finished.
### Apple.
Apple may (depending on your preferences) collect some analytics about your use of Kineo and send them (anonymized, in bulk) to me for identifying crashes, general usage trends, etc. [Apple’s privacy policy]( details how Apple handles your data.
### What Else?
This privacy policy might change over time. A [full change history]( is available.
If you have any questions about anything on this page, or have some other concern, [send me an e-mail](
title: "Support"
# Support
## How can I help?
### Let's Talk.
The developer of Kineo can be reached by email at []( Drop me a line with any questions/comments/feedback you have, and I'll respond as soon as possible, usually under 24 hours.
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<div id="footer-content">
<span class="copyright">© 2020 <a href="">Cocoatype</a></span>
<span class="links">
<a href="/beta/">Beta</a>
<a href="/press/">Press</a>
<a href="/versions/">Versions</a>
<a href="/privacy/">Privacy</a>
<a href="/support/">Support</a>
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