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  • v21.1   Sharing your animations just got a big overhaul! Animations aren't tied to an ugly pointy square any more—you can now share them with the canvas you see in Kineo. Kineo now also supports different video shapes. In addition to the existing square, there's now support for both horizontal and vertical videos, so your videos will look their best, no matter where you share them. We've also made it easier to switch between looping and bouncing animations—switching between these is now just the tap of a button.
    Release v21.1
  • v21.0   This update tackles a few of the more commonly-requested features for Kineo. You can now delete, duplicate, and rearrange frames of your animation.
    Release v21.0
  • v20.3   Another small update this time. - Even more undo fixes. I really think it works this time? - Better preview when sharing animations. - The thumbnails in the gallery now have more accurate colors. Make any change to an existing animation to "fix" the thumbnail. - Fixed the current version number in settings; it now shows the correct version number instead of "20.0".
    Release v20.3
  • v20.2   This release is just a bit of spit and polish on everything. - Fixed a few bugs related to undo. - Fixed a bug where sometimes a new page would duplicate the previous page. - Minor visual tweaks (buttons look button-ier)
  • v20.1   This new version of Kineo adds support for the new keyboard and cursor integration on iPad. You can now use a trackpad or mouse to select images, draw, and more! This version also includes: - Fixing a bug where undoing a drawing would not save - Improvements to VoiceOver support for looping or bouncing an animation - Minor user interface improvements
    Release v20.1
  • v20.0   Kineo is back! I figured a decade without an update was enough time to need more than just a minor update, so let’s do a full reboot! Brand-new features include: - Multiple drawing tools - iCloud syncing - Video export and sharing - iMessage sticker support
    Release v20.0