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# Black Highlighter
## About Black Highlighter
Black Highlighter makes it easy to hide text in images you want to share. Black Highlighter’s “Magic Highlighting” feature automatically detects text in images and helps you make nice, even redactions in your photos and screenshots.
The original version of Black Highlighter is available [on the App Store](
## About the Project
This project is a currently **in progress** update to Black Highlighter. It is not a full and complete app. Expect missing features, bugs, etc.
Related to this, while source code for this project is visible, it is currently **not open source**. No license is granted for the use of the code or assets in this repository, unless specified elsewhere. Likewise, no pull requests or other contributions will be accepted. This will likely change in the future as the project progresses. If you would like to use any of the code or assets in this repository, please contact me at []( for more information.
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