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  • 2023.2
    Release 2023.2
  • 2023.1
    Release 2023.1
    Black Highlighter 23.1 comes with a new set of bug fixes:
    - When switching between photo albums, you are now shown your most-recent photos rather than a random spot in the middle.
    - If you viewed the settings page in light mode, it was previously bright white instead of the correct gray color. It now looks like it should.
    - Fixed an issue where the toolbar on the editing page could have a split appearance (half-black, half-gray).
    - The app may now requests App Store ratings for all types of saving; previously if you saved via the “Done” button, it would never do this.
    On that last note, if you’re reading these release notes, please leave a rating for Black Highlighter! It’d be a great help.
  • 2023.0
    Release 2023.0
  • 2022.8
    Release 2022.8
  • 2022.7
    Release 2022.7
  • 2022.6
    Release 2022.6
  • 2022.5
    Release 2022.5
  • 2022.4
    Release 2022.4
    The last version of the Mac app that went out had an app icon with square corners instead of the standard squircular corners. My apologies. The icon has now been resquircularized. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying times.
  • 2022.3
    Release 2022.3
    Black Highlighter 22.3 comes with a small dose of AutoMAYtion goodies. Black Highlighter now has a new, smarter Shortcut action: "Redact Detected Items". Redact Detected Items locates addresses, phone numbers, or people's names and automatically redacts them. Use it in the Shortcuts app to quickly redact personal information from large batches of images! This release also fixes a few bugs with Shortcuts support on macOS; if you're working on a Mac, automated redaction should now be faster and more reliable.
    Shortcuts didn't get *all* the love, though. This release also adds a "Share Image" option to the alert that appears if you try to close a redacted image before saving it, allowing you to quickly send it somewhere other than your photo library.
  • 2022.2
    Release 2022.2
    Black Highlighter 22.2 brings you a whole lot of bug fixes and polish. Hold on to your butts:
    If you used the new Find mode from Black Highlighter 22.0, sometimes autocorrect would add an extra space to what you were searching for and then Find mode couldn’t find what you were searching for. Find mode is now smarter, and will ignore extra space around your search.
    Using Find mode or the Ultra Highlighter automatic find would not trigger the alert that protects you from losing your work if you hit Done before you were, well, done. Now it should show up no matter how you’ve made your redactions.
    If you were using a limited selection of your photos with Black Highlighter, and then you added more photos, Black Highlighter would ask you if you wanted to add EVEN MORE photos, which is a weird time to ask that. Black Highlighter now never asks you for additional photo permission, which is the more appropriate time.
    Also, while you were adding more photos to your selection, there was a single solitary weird blue arrow. That arrow has been appropriately chastised and is now wearing the proper uniform.
    On macOS, the animation for the Find mode’s search field was WAY too dramatic. Like NYOOOM! CHECK ME OUT, I’M FIND MODE! WHO’S READY TO SEARCH FOR STUFF?! Now it’s more like “hey. i’m find mode. feel free to do whatever at your own pace. i’ll be over here.”
  • 2022.1
    Release 2022.1
    Black Highlighter 22.1 includes a new feature: Find mode. With Find mode, you can type in a word you'd like to redact (such as a person's name) and with a single tap, Black Highlighter automatically finds and hides every occurrence of that word. Find mode helps you cover up every place that word appears, and do so quickly and easily.
    This release improves the experience of using the "Reduce Motion" accessibility setting. It also fixes a crash when saving after hitting the Done button.
  • 2022.0
    Release 2022.0
    On iOS and iPadOS, this release fixes a few cosmetic issues:
    - When selecting a single image (instead of giving Highlighter access to your photo library), some buttons were hard to read if using light mode. This UI is now permanently dark mode, the only correct option.
    - When scanning documents, some buttons were hard to read if using dark mode. This has been fixed, as I never want to give a reason for someone to prefer light mode.
    - On some iPads, the settings menu displayed only a “Settings” button, which took you to the real settings menu. The settings button on the main menu should now actually take you directly to the real settings menu. This bug occurred regardless of your choice of dark mode vs. wrong mode.
    On macOS, this release adds a new feature: “New from Clipboard”, which allows you to hide text from whatever image is on your clipboard instead of opening a file.
  • 2021.8
    Release 2021.8
    Fixed the color picker button not working on iPad.
  • 2021.7
    Release 2021.7
    Just a minor bug fix here. This version fixes an issue that prevented saving in the Mac app. You should now be free to save away!
  • 2021.6
    Release 2021.6
    It's the iPad update! A lot of work has gone into making this version the best iPad app it can be:
    - Cleaned up the iPad editing design to better take advantage of the extra space on the iPad.
    - Fixed a bug causing selections in the albums sidebar to be blue instead of the appropriate dark gray. Thanks to iOS developer Peter Witham for the assist on this fix.
    - The albums sidebar now shows your current selection at all times instead of disappearing after you change it.
    - Made the scroll bar look right in the settings view in light mode.
  • 2021.5
    Release 2021.5
    This is the “make life a little nicer” update. We’ve gone and fixed a ton of the little papercuts in Black Highlighter to make using it a better experience.
    Here’s the fixes we made:
    - Major performance improvements when initially scanning a new image. No more waiting to tap buttons or start highlighting!
    - Fixed several causes of crashes when using the “hide text” iOS action extension in other apps.
    - Fixed a crash that could happen when saving an image on iOS.
    - Updated the settings design on iOS.
    - Fixed a bug where you were unable to select new photos if you had not given Black Highlighter full access to your photo library.
    - Related, fixed a bug where using “only selected photos” could display two document scanner buttons.
    - Fixed some broken entries in the macOS help menu.
    - Added automatic restoration on macOS so you can quit the app and then launch right back to where you were.
    - Cleaned up the design of the open dialog on macOS.
  • 2021.4
    Release 2021.4
    This update introduces a new tool to the Black Highlighter toolset: the Magic Era  er, the eraser. The totally normal eraser. Made a mistake and redacted too much? Switch to the eraser and bring back the text you didn't want to lose.
    Additionally, try out these other fun fixes:
    - The Magic Highlighter and Manual Highlighter icons are now easier to tell apart.
    - Fixed a minor performance issue when selecting areas to redact.
    - Fixed an issue on iOS with saving to the photos library sometimes being *incredibly* slow or crashing.
    - Improved design in light mode on macOS.
  • 2021.3
    Release 2021.3
  • 2021.2
    Release 2021.2
    Bug fixes! One for you and one for me:
    There was a bug where the preview that you saw prior to saving an image didn’t look exactly like what got exported. Previews would show a solid black box, while the export would have the fancy “marker” effects applied. Now the preview has the same effects, so you can see what you’re actually doing.
    Black Highlighter was supposed to prompt for App Store ratings occasionally after you saved or shared an image. A bug prevented this from happening. If you like Black Highlighter, please take advantage of the fact that this bug is now fixed. :)
  • 2021.1
    9c90a2e4 · Fix compilation errors ·
    Release 2021.1
    Just cleaning up a few of the “initial version” hiccups for the Mac version of Black Highlighter:
    - Fixed a bug where dragging an image to the app icon to open it didn’t work if the preferences window was open.
    - Implemented the “Open Recent” menu so you can quickly get back to a file you’ve edited in the past.