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Add releases 20.2 and 20.3

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title: "20.2"
date: "2020-09-22"
Support for the new "limited photo library" feature of iOS 14; if you choose to limit Debigulator's access to photos, you can still select a photo manually by tapping the + button from the library screen. I'll work on improving this UI soon, but wanted to get out something sooner in case you wanted to take advantage of the latest privacy features.
Oh, also Shortcuts support, in case you want to automate your image-shrinking activities.
title: "20.3"
date: "2021-02-05"
This update fixes an issue where you were unable to take advantage of the iOS 14 limited photo library, by showing the intro page until you agreed to share your full photo library. Now, any (or no) photo access allows you to bypass the intro page.
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